Sunday, November 2, 2014

Daily Tarot 2 Nov 2014

Today's tarot reading goes right along with my Samhain ritual last night.  While I got no direct words from the Goddess, this ritual was as poignant  as the one I did in 2008 where Hekate claimed me as her servant.  After half a decade in Her service, I rededicated myself to walking with Her last night, giving up what is unneeded in my life, moving away from what has gone stagnant and dead in my life, and stepping back on that path for my own highest good and doing Her work.

Today the Second Quarter Moon is in Pisces.

The Daughter of Knives in my spiritual arena is the manifestation of what I have put out.  It symbolizes steady thought, fortitude, resiliency, and sacrifice.  The 3 of Earth in my emotional arena indicates bounty, abundance, happiness, health and wealth.  While the 9 of Wands reversed indicates not giving up too soon.

What I see here is the cards telling me to hang on for just a while longer, what I need is going to manifest and I will be all the better for it, even if I have to walk through a little bit of fire to get there.  Let it go.  Let it happen.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Daily Tarot 1 Nov 2014

Today is Nov. 1.  The Second Quarter Moon went void of course at 1:22am and will enter Pisces at 11:37am.

Today's reading feels different.  I can't place my finger on it, but it simply feels different than the others have.

Spiritual: 10 of Skulls (Reversed)
Emotional: Imbolc (The Star)
Mundane: 7 of Chalices

The reversed 10 of Skulls indicates a lack of.  Something feels like it is missing, empty, needing filled.  Next to it, though, Imbolc/The Star indicates hope and illumination.  The vessel is being emptied back into the depths of the pool after being heated within the cauldron.  While that may not seem to do much, the heating does allow some of the water to escape as steam, to change from a liquid, fluid, able to take the shape of any container, to a gas, so expansive that it can not be contained without being changed back to a liquid (i.e condensation).  So, there will be change for the better.  Within the mundane, the 7 of Chalices indicates potential.  Seven potential futures sit within a chalice, the lady at the desk daydreaming about them all, unable to decide which she wants to focus on manifesting.  Now is the time for focus.  What is my true desire?  Where should my energy go that I should manifest?  These are the questions of the day.