Friday, October 31, 2014

Daily Tarot 31 Oct 2014

Today's tarot reading was, again, interesting. :)

The Moon is in Second Quarter and in Aquarius.

Spiritual: Lord of Grails
Emotional: Yule (Death)
Mundane: The Empress

This is a very 'masculine' reading.  However, it feels as though a corner has been turned.  I need the active dynamic of the masculine energy to get me pushed forward.  That's one thing this is telling me.

The Lord of Grails has been in my Spiritual arena 2 days in a row.  However, today, it seems to have flipped on me.  The Lord of Grails is the active aspect of water: intuitive, visionary, healing, graceful and ego transformative.  Emotionally I got Yule.  Yule is the Death card.  Death is change, transformation, and the ending of a cycle.  I find it quite appropriate to get this card in a reading on Samhain.  Change is coming.  Identifying and leaving behind old emotional patterns, thought patterns, behaviors, and those things that simply no longer serve me.  Within the Mundane realm of my Self, today I drew The Empress.  The Empress card is like the Mother.  She cares ceaselessly for her realm with grace and love.  She is kind and compassionate to those around her, helping when and where she can, but that lovingkindness is tempered with common sense.  Giving is good, to help inn a pinch, but teaching is better in the long term. "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daily Tarot 30 Oct 2014

Today's tarot was a bit heavy feeling to me.  I'm learning quickly that 'masculine' cards carry a seriousness that I interpret as a heaviness.  There is also that warrior aspect that 'feels' dangerous that, somehow, adds to the heaviness.  And, on we go to the actual reading!!

Today the Moon entered Aquarius at 8:52am and will go into its second quarter at 9:48pm.

This reading feels slightly heavy, burdensome.

The Lord of Grails in reverse speaks of discontent, impatience, anxiety, and conflict, all of which I have had my share of in the preceding months.  I have gotten to the root of some of it, some of it, I haven't.  The Maiden of Water, coming in my emotional area, says that it is all going to be swept out to sea with the tide.  She says that one should always remember to play joyfully in the deep of the ocean, never being afraid of what lies below, in the blackness of the deep.  Of course, within my own mundane, the 6 of Swords in reverse speaks of willfully staying in a bad place.  Sometimes, we torture ourselves, sometimes it is for good, sometimes, it is masochism.  Which is it?

Daily Tarot 29 Oct. 2014

Aside from the fact that I may not have a photo and that I have a tiny kitty demanding my attention, I did not forget this yesterday.  My internet was down most of the evening and I have done my best to blog from my mobile, but it is like... Well, it's as close to impossible as anything comes.

The Moon goes void of course at 10:01pm, still in its first quarter.

Spiritual- 8 of Scepters Reversed
Emotional-Maiden of Air
Mundane- 3 of Chalices (again!!)

The stagnation of communications with the 8 of scepters is joyfully broken by the Maiden of Air.  This brings joy to the day as well as pleasantness from being able to catch up with old friends (which I knew was going to happen).  All in all, this reading looked hopeful and it was a good day!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Daily Tarot Reading: 28 Oct 2014

Today's tarot reading, much like yesterday, was just about the things I am going to face as well as the things I am going to need and experience today.

The Moon entered Capricorn at 5:03am today.  Also, (just for fun) the Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins.

Today my Spiritual was 6 of Grails reversed, Emotional was 5 of Earth, and Mundane was Knave (Page) of Swords.  My initial impression was it was going to be another interesting day.  Obviously, I am uneasy (says the 6 of Grails), but I need to use my knowledge and wisdom (Knave of Swords) to keep hanging on (5 of Earth) for just a little while longer.  So, if I need to work through my own unease and be like the small stream of water that forged the Grand Canyon, I have to rely more upon the facts than any emotion that might come up.

It has been a good day for facts.  There was no time for emotion.  Where facts are concerned, I will always have a cheerful demeanor (because facts are sterile, in essence, and emotions and attachments aren't really needed).  It was another glorious day!!

I can certainly tell we have just come out of Mercury Retrograde!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Daily Tarot Reading: 27 Oct. 2014

Today I am going to begin something new.  With the new moon, I put out some pretty potent magic dealing with self transformation, among other things.  So, this daily tarot blog is going to be something I do every day for a while (maybe even forever).  Admittedly, it is more for myself than for anyone else, however, I feel that I need to open myself up to others a little more.  This is the first step in my doing it. 

All of that said, the process and the purpose are below:

I own 3 different tarot decks.  I am using all three.  In each spread, I will pull one card from each deck.  The Tarot of the Vampyres represents my Spiritual Self for that day.  The As Above Deck  from the Book of Shadows Tarot represents my Emotional Self for that day. The So Below Deck from the Book of Shadows Tarot represents my Mundane Self for that day.  Together they will give me a picture of what I have in store for my day.  Together they will give me a glimpse into my day numerologically and astrologically speaking.  I will also be posting the moon phase, astrological sign, and musing over what happened and how it applies or doesn't for the day.   So, we shall begin!!

October 27, 2014: The Moon went Void of Course at 11:18am (Central Time) from Sagittarius and will be so until it enters Capricorn at 5:03am tomorrow.  Ceres enters Sagittarius at 5:06pm tonight.

Now, on to the actual tarot spread!!

Spiritual Self: The World (Reversed) *Card #21*
Emotional Self: The Summerlands (The Fool) (Reversed)*Card #0*
Mundane Self: 3 of Chalices (Reversed)

As we can see, today was certainly a day that things were not as they seemed!  Going into my day knowing that I needed to keep a wider perspective on things helped tremendously.  I acknowledged my missteps and mistakes.  I acknowledged my own emotions and accepted them without self-judgment.  All in all, it was a joyful and productive day.

The World Card reversed denotes a lack of connectedness, in this case, with my own spirituality.  I have lost something in the process.  Since The World, typically, is the culmination of the adventure of the Fool, seeing the Fool after the World in this spread, in my Emotional arena is interesting.  Reversed here, the Fool represents untapped potential and an unwillingness to emote in certain ways, or maybe it's my ability to emote in certain over-the-top ways.  Maybe it's both.  Then again, within my mundane, we see the 3 of Chalices reversed, which speaks of my own discontent, specifically at my job.  This discontent has less to do with my actual tasks and co-workers and more to do with the sheer amount of chaos and transition within the department itself. I know that it, too, shall pass. 

So, that's if for my first edition of Daily Tarot Readings!!  If you don't want to know, or don't care, or (my choice!!) want to see what I draw every day, please, let me know!!  If I know people are interested, I will be more likely to keep up with posting.

Blessings, Friends!

P.S.  I linked to the individual decks on Amazon on purpose, just in case you wanted to explore more about any of these decks.  Don't worry, I won't do it again!! ;-)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm Okay, You're Okay. None of Us Are in Control.

I wrote this a some months ago, but it didn't feel right for publish, so it didn't get published.  Today, it feels right.  The lesson of being okay is a lesson I'm learning on a much deeper level than, even when I wrote this.  The magic of this past week has been very potent for me, on a personal level, and I need that as we are barreling headlong into Samhain.


Recently it was pointed out to me that other people tend to perceive me as arrogant and/or egotistical.  The fact that others see me this way didn't surprise me, but having it pointed out that my own self assurance is the culprit for this misinterpretation caused me great pause.  This caused me pause because I realize, now, the sheer number of people who have come into my life and completely misinterpreted every word and deed of mine they have ever witnessed.  So, what is the difference between arrogance and self assurance?  Is there a difference?  Maybe arrogance and self assurance are different polarities of the same vibration?  What if that's the case?  Then, since we live in a selfish world, wouldn't it be easier to simply write other people off as selfish, instead of really seeing them?  What if those people we view as arrogant and egotistical are simply mirroring at us our own selfish desires (or our own insecurities) and, because that makes us uncomfortable, we subconsciously view them through a filter of arrogance?

For me, personally, I look at the world around me and I see many people out there who are hurting.  I see people who hide behind masks (don't we all!!) and run from the life lessons they are presented.  Sometimes this happens because the person doesn't want to be humbled.  The person doesn't want to submit to his or her gods.  Humility is bowing to the Truth.  It is accepting the Truth no matter how difficult it may be to swallow.

Long before I found the pagan community, I learned to be okay.  I learned that it is okay for me to be introverted.  It is okay for me to be different.  It is okay for me to say and do weird things.  It is okay for me to be a private person.  It's okay for me to make mistakes.  It's okay for me to be okay with my mistakes. It's okay for me to not know everything.  It's okay for me to be right, to be wrong, to let someone else be right, even when I know they are wrong. It's okay for me to strive for perfection, as long as I know I can never actually achieve it.  It's okay for me to be human.

"Know Thyself"

In coming to know myself, I am learning that there are those out there who are not okay with my personal acceptance of the things I can not change (like the fact that I'm going to fuck up, get over it, I'm human).  I'm also finding out that many of these people are not okay with the fact that I do not feel the need to explain myself to them.  I figure that since my motivations are my own and I do my level best not to react, then if someone wants to know why I said or did what I did, they can ask me.  If they don't want to ask, then I figure it is best to leave them with their own illusions because everything I say is going to be dismissed or not completely heard.  I have never looked at someone who asked about my motivations or why I said/did something and told them to figure it out for themselves.  I just figure that if you want to know what's going on in my brain, you will ask me.  I'm not a person known for getting angry and flying off the handle, yet people seem to perceive me as being that kind of person, which I find weird.  Maybe that's one of the reasons people see me as arrogant, I don't feel the need to explain myself.  Maybe they see me as arrogant because, sometimes and with some people, I simply refuse to allow them to ruffle my feathers.

Another thing I don't feel the need to do is brow-beat people into my way of seeing things, that's arrogance (and probably, to an extent, bullying).  Whether a person is right or wrong (in regards to facts) is, honestly, irrelevant to me, if that person is not willing to accept a different perspective.  The need for a person to be right (regardless of facts) is his or her own need and I will, quite graciously, allow them to be right.  Their lessons in this is their own and it is not for me to add to the lesson for asking them to 'prove' themselves to me when I know they can't.  However, being the daughter and Priestess of Hekate, I have no qualms in turning a person's need for superiority against them, if they choose to use it to belittle others.  (That means, don't try to make other people feel stupid or 'less than'.  Someone will always know more than you, or me for that matter.)  Maybe that's another reason people perceive me as arrogant, I'll let anyone be right if they need to, until that person uses that need to try and make themselves feel important at the expense of another.

Why, though, is it not okay to be okay?  Is it because we live in a culture where everything is a competition?  Is it because we live in a world where everyone has to have the best, be the best, do the best?  Why does one person have to be the 'leader'?  Why does one person have to be the 'smart one'?  Why does one person have to be the 'wise one'?  Why is it expected we should be 'impressive' in some way?  What if I choose to surround myself with people who are wise, smart, and impressive leaders in their own way?  What if I choose to surround myself with people who are exceptional in one area but not in another?  What if I choose to surround myself with accomplished people who have many things to offer, but don't know how to offer them?  If I am okay with the people in my life, their short comings, their quirks, their talents, what right does anyone have to tell me that it's 'not okay'? 

Yes, yes it is okay.  In this illusory existence we call life, we view everything through the filters of our own life's lessons.  If another views me as being egotistical because I believe in myself.  I'm okay with that.  That particular view is less about me than it is about them.  If another views me as being arrogant because I'm okay with knowing what I know today and striving to learn more tomorrow, I'm okay with that, too.  If I'm viewed as incompetent because I let someone be wrong, I'm also okay with that and next time, I just won't let it be wrong.  I know that nothing is within my control, save for myself (and, honestly, that's debatable in the whole free will/fate debate...) and I'm okay with that.  Nothing is in our control, be okay with that!!

Brightest blessings, Friends!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anywhen: Maybe There is Only Now?

Earlier this week, I watched a movie that is going to stay with me, probably for the rest of my life.  This movie was a random indie flick on Netflix starring Jared Leto called Mr. Nobody, chosen only because Jared Leto, as an actor, tends to take on some pretty amazing roles (and because he's beautiful and can sing).  The description of the movie was nothing fancy, something along the lines of : "At the age of 120, the last mortal on earth looks back on his life and wonders if he made the right choices."  Pretty tame, right?  Yeah. Right.  There was nothing in the description about this being a thought-provoking-higher-knowledge-quantum-epic-amazing-brain-exploding film. (Okay, it didn't really explode my brain, but I can see that it might do that to some people.)  Just a few minutes into it, the depth of the premise punched me square in the consciousness.  Mentioning the Angel of Oblivion in any film can do that, I suppose.

So, without giving too much away, the film follows Mr. Nemo Nobody through his various simultaneous lives in the multiverse from the time when he was waiting to be born and the Angel of Oblivion missed obliviating him.  He talked to an interviewer about his various choices throughout his 120 years of life, even talking about his various deaths.

This got me thinking, really thinking.  What if, in regards to past lives, they aren't really in the past? What if these lives run concurrent to this one on another plane of reality, in another dimension, or at another vibrational level?  What if, when we go under hypnosis, we are not looking backward at these lives, but we are looking at a broader view?  Maybe something similar to the old picture-in-picture TV technology or maybe multiple television sets.  Even more, how does this relate to the connectedness of life and the web that is formed?  Is there a web or is that also an illusion?

In my own Craft tradition, we are initially taught that we are all connected.  However, as we progress down our own paths, learn the higher knowledge we are taught, and integrate it into our being (despite the fact that it is already there), we realize that separateness is an illusion.  For me, this movie was that moment where it all sunk in, despite the fact that I know this is all an illusion.  Maybe there is only now.  There is only the me who has been at war for decades.  There is only the me who hates those little bastard kids.  There is only me who sits in quiet contemplation high in the mountains.  There is only me who lives in Missouri.  There is only me who, throughout all of these seemingly separate lives lived at different times, who sees my own reflection within those whom I love and those whom I don't.

When now is all there is, is is all there can be.  As Spirit manifest, you and I are the same.  We are not 'above' or 'below' one another.  We are Spirit conscious of itself.  We are.  Within the multiverse, we are Spirit determined to experience everything from every perspective.  Outside of the multiverse, we are Spirit determined to experience everything from every perspective.  Maybe even the multiverse is an illusion of separation created by Spirit.  Would a wall built by Spirit not still be Spirit manifest?

We live to experience.  From the moment we are born, we are dying.  We experience everything through the perspective of it being outside of us.  Why?  You and I are not just connected.  We are not just similar.  We are not just alive.  We are Spirit made manifest.  We are the same.  We. Are.

Namaste, Friends, until next time.

(Just for fun, here's the trailer on YouTube.)