Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Journey of the Fool

I see that it has been a great, long while since I last had anything to say of import.  The days have gone from long and hot to short and cold.  There has even been snow.  A great deal has happened in that time, including splitting from my partner of nearly 4 years.  I have rediscovered old friends, made new ones, and maybe found a spot somewhere in community.  That's still unfolding and for another day, though.

At Samhain, I got to help facilitate a ritual that was, literally, a fool's journey through the tarot.  I was one of the Fools.  I found being a guide for others through the underworld acutely appropriate, being a priestess of Hekate, but I also found my own message, even as I laughed and pranced to each of the stations with the participants.

As a practitioner most comfortable within the shadows, I tend to walk a very fine line between the darkness and light.  I recognize that need to retreat into the shadows to heal and, maybe, wonder.  I often find myself retreating back into my own safe places when the world becomes overwhelming, whether it is in a good or bad way.

With the splitting from my partner, I find myself upon my own fools journey.  I have come to a place where I am looking at where I am, where I have been, and where I want to be and making the changes necessary to reach my goal.  I know that there are some things that are going to happen in the mean time and, as the Fool in this journey, I know that some of them aren't going to be easy.

Through this dark part of the year, what are some of the things you are going to work on?  Are you going to work on getting rid of dead weight?  Maybe you are going to move toward a job that is better paying or maybe a better environment?  Maybe you are going to move toward happiness?  Maybe you are simply going to start over?  What things in life are you going to focus on?

My own focus is shifting back toward taking care of myself.  I need to make sure that I can stand on my own before taking care of others.  I need to make decisions that I feel may be risky.  In doing so, I am moving toward a great many illuminations that I have been ignoring.

When we take on the archetype of the Fool, we embody adventure and a carefree nature.  We accept our challenges with an open heart.  When we stumble or fall, we have to remember that it is not the fault of another or circumstance.  Instead of lamenting our bad luck or railing at the gods over our pain, we must remember to look inward or, if we just can't do that, look upward to the sky.  The stars and the clouds and the moon remind us of the grand scheme and that the universe is larger than we can even begin to fathom.  Are our worries really that overwhelming by the light of the moon?  Are the shadows really that heavy and oppressive once we forget to be afraid of them?

Brightest blessings, Friends!!