Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yultide Blessings!

My dear readers, I must apologize for the absence of the past, nearly, two months.  I have been traveling through my own, personal Hell.  For those of you who have seen me, no, there was no overwhelming outward stimulus.  Personal difficulties?  Yes, but again, nothing so terrifying as anything I do to myself.

I woke this morning after the sun had risen, so instead of drumming up the sun (like I was planning on), I have decided to sing to the young sun god today, in addition to the normal lighting candles in his honor.  I plan on keeping them going from about dark until it is time for bed.  My whole day is going to be my ritual.  I have a solstice movement workshop to go to and then my own family Yule with my partner.  Maybe we will even eat by candlelight.

It seems the magic of this day is doubled with both the Sun and Moon entering Capricorn within just a couple of hours of each other, and I can feel the new beginning.  I can feel the proverbial corner being turned as the light grows stronger, yet tonight, the longest night, must be conquered.

Like any other time in life when the light conquers the darkness, now is a time to take stock.  Are our words and behaviors still serving us?  If they do not, what must we do to change that?  Should we, like the light, work at it a few minutes a day until the new behaviors have grown strong and become habits?  Is that not one of the lessons that the coming light teaches us?  Persist within your desire for illumination and all shadows will burn away. (At least the unnecessary ones will.)

I know this isn't a very long post, but it seems that I am being succinct today (that's unusual!!).  Have a blessed Yuletide, my dear friends and readers.  May the new born Sun illuminate your path and burn away all obstacles.

Blessed Be.