Thursday, January 1, 2015

Karma: What We Aren't Getting (or are Forgetting) About It. (And I'm just talking about this lifetime.)

Today, I'm setting the intent for this calendar year.  I'm am going to live today in the same manner I intend 2015 to go.  Hence, a mid-week blog.  This topic is something that I think is very, very important to remember for us pagans and, honestly, I don't see many pagans who actually understand how karma and the Three-Fold Law, the Law of Returns, or the Law of Polarity work.  Any of these particular words or phrases will work in the sense that I am using.  They are not all simply Wiccan in nature and are, in some form or fashion, laws of the universe, so we can't get around them no matter our belief.  For the sake of simplicity, I will use the word Karma for this writing.

I have, through the years, watched those around me revel joyfully when "good" comes into their life.  They reap the bounty of the "good" with the fervor of a child.  However, when "bad" things happen, these same people bemoan their fate and proverbially shake their fists at the sky.  They cry victimization.  They blame the gods or someone else in their lives.  I have watched those I love struggle in their day-to-day.  They struggle to pay bills.  They struggle to put food on the table.  Every day is like an uphill battle.  Why is this?

Obviously, these situations are not totally karmically connected, however, every day, in our words and in our deeds, we do build karmic debt.  Every word and every action creates a ripple in the pond of the Universe.  What happens when we drop a stone in a pond?  Ripples form.  They bounce along the water (not just the surface) to the edge and then they bounce back to center.  In a pond, the surface eventually becomes still again,but in the Universe, those ripples keep going in and out through this life and the next, becoming weaker but never going away.

So, when I hear people (especially pagans) getting upset because some unpaid bill from six years ago has come up and they can't get financing for a house, I have to wonder if they understand karma at all.  Just because you didn't pay that bill doesn't mean that it just *poof* into the aether and it disappeared.  This example is a great example of karmic debt.  Karmic debt works in much the same way that our banking system does.  

When someone lives in a small town and cheats on his or her spouse (or is the interloper), it does not matter if the extra marital relationship put both people where they needed to be on their life path.  Because of the pain caused, there is a karmic debt to be paid (regardless of how the spurned spouse reacted, as that is part of his/her karmic debt).  Living in a small town means that the cheater and the interloper are both going to have people and places they can not go.  Living in a small town means both people will lose friends.  It means both people in the new relationship will have a reputation to contend with.  If both people are not willing to contend with the consequences of their actions, then why are they acting as such?

As pagans, we are taught that it is okay to do things that 'feel good', but we should be honest about them.  You know, it feels really good to me to buy books with the money I work so hard for, but if I don't pay my electric bill, I have no lights.  I can't be mad at the electric company for shutting me off, can I?  Is there a difference between that and speaking ill of someone?  Energetically?  I don't think so.  Is there a difference between defaulting on a loan with the bank and purposefully pursuing your own happiness without regard to those around you?  Energetically?  No.

We all encounter stumbling blocks in this life.  Sometimes, they are there by design (i.e our soul puts them there before we reincarnate).  Sometimes, those stumbling blocks are a direct result of karmic debt from this lifetime.  In being honest with ourselves, as magical people, can we really complain about a stumbling block that we tossed into our own path because of past, careless actions?  What complaint do we really have, even when that same block keeps tripping us up 5 years or 10 down the road?  We can not whine that it isn't fair.  We put that energy out there.  While we are free to act as we so choose (being adults over 21 and living in a free country), we are not free from the consequences of those actions.  Every thought, every word, every action counts.  Are you digging a karmic hole to fall into later or are you building stepping stones to the future?  It's just something to think about as we begin this new calendar year.

May 2015 bring you the brightest blessings, Friends.

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