Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Interconnected Web of Life: Do You Notice It?

We hear, all of the time, that all life is interconnected.  Native lore explains this through various tales of Spider Woman or Grandmother Spider (some of my favorite creation lore).  Each of us is connected.  We are connected to each other, to the Tree and Stone People, to the land, the sky, the water, and all things both manifest and not.  For some of us, this connection is stronger with our animal brethren, for others of us, it is stronger with plants, and for some, there seems to be no connection at all!

For many years now, I have noticed my own personal connection growing stronger.  Some days, the trees sing loudest, other days, it is the animals, while at other times, my connection seems strongest with the elements.  I know the seeming strength within this web is only my perception or my focus at that particular moment.  The strength of the web does not wax and wane, only my notice of it does.

As of late, I have noticed that my connection with the plants is strong.  Living where I do, with so much native flora, as well as an herb garden, it seems quite natural, I suppose.  I have been entrusted with the care of some herbs by a High Priestess who is very special to me and these joyful little plants speak!

Late last week, I spent part of an afternoon re-potting them.  It was quite a joyous occasion to sit in the yard, under the shade of an old Maple, and pick out the different pots according to what the plants wanted.  A couple of times, I wasn't listening and I set the wrong plants in the wrong pot, so before I could actually plant them, I had to do some swapping.  Had anyone been around to see me, they would have likely though me crazy, sitting in the yard with a wheel-barrow full of dirt, filling pots and laughing and talking to these plants.

Even now, the basil plants laugh joyously like small children and the tiny lavender plant sits quite somberly, as though in quiet reflection.  For people to say that plants don't have personalities, they don't pay much attention to that web of life.  They don't reach out to this other life form with that deep, knowing part of their soul and feel it.

These beautiful green beings are just one example of the simplicity of noticing the Web of Life.  I have, obviously, used a bit of anthropomorphism to describe what I feel with these plants, but the emotions are how I interpret what they say.  For someone else, they could get images or colors through the Web.  How we perceive this communication all depends upon our own personal symbolism and how we interpret it.

So, if you aren't, or don't think you can travel along that Web to touch another life, don't be so hasty to limit yourself.  Sometimes, it only takes a bit of time to simply open ones heart enough to experience something so simple.  Sometimes, in quiet moments of being, we do this and do not even think about it.  We may not know what it is, but we know what we felt, saw, or heard.  The important thing to remember is that we can not dismiss these things as flights of fancy or imaginings, for they are not!  They are an expanding of our awareness and, as nature worshipers, that's never a bad thing.

Brightest blessings my friends!!

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