Saturday, July 14, 2012

Can You Help Those So Willing to Help Others?

My church, The Southern Delta Church of Wicca- ATC, tends to dream big.  Our High Priest and founder of the church, Terry Riley, sees nothing as impossible.  He teaches us that nothing is impossible.  When he sets his radar on a particular goal, it manifests.  In  early 2011, we did a Lunar Rite with the intentions of building a new dining hall.  Now, understand, unlike Christian churches, Wiccan churches don't require tithing.  They ask for dues to be paid monthly and, for some members, that's not a possible thing for whatever reason.  Much like the Christian church, though, we don't tell people that they can't participate just because they can't pay their dues.  It's quite a struggle.  When your membership is in the low to mid double digits, raising money can be next to impossible.  

So, back to my story.  As I said, in 2011 Terry envisioned us having a new dining hall.  Late summer last year, the materials for that dining hall manifested.  Not just any old materials, either.  There was a house that needed to be torn down.  It was a 100+ year old house made of cypress wood.  If you know anything about cypress, then you know bugs (like termites) don't eat it and it doesn't rot when put into the ground.  Terry held work weekends and, as a church, we cleaned out the house and got it torn down, the vast majority of the lumber in tact!  Here, I have to say that Terry and his two sons did most of the work getting it torn down.  For the most part, they worked 7 days a week for months.  Now, SDCW-ATC has a new dining hall almost all the way up, Terry and his boys measuring and nailing and cutting, board by board.

The reason I tell this story is because, as a church, we have an amazing leader who has big dreams for, not only the pagan community, but the whole community.  However, he doesn't just have big dreams.  He has the tenacity to get out there and make it happen.  He has the will and work ethic to get out and do the hard things that no one else wants to do.  He wants to manifest a better world one family at a time.  He wants to manifest a better world for everyone.

Now, I've said all of these things because, once again, he needs help with one of his big dreams for the community.  SDCW-ATC has been accepted as the charity for The Home Depot in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Home Depot will give the church $5000 in materials a month for their Community Outreach Program.  The CORP is our way to give back.  It is a program dedicated to helping the elderly and needy with things like home repairs.  If someone is on a fixed income, anything extraneous is out of the question.  The only hurdle in  starting this is raising a one time $600 administrative fee.  I have set up a page on Please Fund to help with this endeavor.  We are trying to get this link to go viral so we can get this money raised quickly!

It's very important that we do get it raised quickly.  Terry has already been contacted by one of the local elder agencies with several people who need home repairs and one even needs a new wheelchair ramp built!  He has at least 8 able bodies with strong backs and helping hands ready to work.  All we need now are donations.  If you can spare a dollar or two and then share the link via Facebook, Twitter, or Email you could help a whole lot of people who so often forgotten about or fall through the cracks.  Even a small donation and passing this blog on would be of help. 

Thank you for reading, and as always, Brightest Blessings!!

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