Saturday, October 11, 2014

Anywhen: Maybe There is Only Now?

Earlier this week, I watched a movie that is going to stay with me, probably for the rest of my life.  This movie was a random indie flick on Netflix starring Jared Leto called Mr. Nobody, chosen only because Jared Leto, as an actor, tends to take on some pretty amazing roles (and because he's beautiful and can sing).  The description of the movie was nothing fancy, something along the lines of : "At the age of 120, the last mortal on earth looks back on his life and wonders if he made the right choices."  Pretty tame, right?  Yeah. Right.  There was nothing in the description about this being a thought-provoking-higher-knowledge-quantum-epic-amazing-brain-exploding film. (Okay, it didn't really explode my brain, but I can see that it might do that to some people.)  Just a few minutes into it, the depth of the premise punched me square in the consciousness.  Mentioning the Angel of Oblivion in any film can do that, I suppose.

So, without giving too much away, the film follows Mr. Nemo Nobody through his various simultaneous lives in the multiverse from the time when he was waiting to be born and the Angel of Oblivion missed obliviating him.  He talked to an interviewer about his various choices throughout his 120 years of life, even talking about his various deaths.

This got me thinking, really thinking.  What if, in regards to past lives, they aren't really in the past? What if these lives run concurrent to this one on another plane of reality, in another dimension, or at another vibrational level?  What if, when we go under hypnosis, we are not looking backward at these lives, but we are looking at a broader view?  Maybe something similar to the old picture-in-picture TV technology or maybe multiple television sets.  Even more, how does this relate to the connectedness of life and the web that is formed?  Is there a web or is that also an illusion?

In my own Craft tradition, we are initially taught that we are all connected.  However, as we progress down our own paths, learn the higher knowledge we are taught, and integrate it into our being (despite the fact that it is already there), we realize that separateness is an illusion.  For me, this movie was that moment where it all sunk in, despite the fact that I know this is all an illusion.  Maybe there is only now.  There is only the me who has been at war for decades.  There is only the me who hates those little bastard kids.  There is only me who sits in quiet contemplation high in the mountains.  There is only me who lives in Missouri.  There is only me who, throughout all of these seemingly separate lives lived at different times, who sees my own reflection within those whom I love and those whom I don't.

When now is all there is, is is all there can be.  As Spirit manifest, you and I are the same.  We are not 'above' or 'below' one another.  We are Spirit conscious of itself.  We are.  Within the multiverse, we are Spirit determined to experience everything from every perspective.  Outside of the multiverse, we are Spirit determined to experience everything from every perspective.  Maybe even the multiverse is an illusion of separation created by Spirit.  Would a wall built by Spirit not still be Spirit manifest?

We live to experience.  From the moment we are born, we are dying.  We experience everything through the perspective of it being outside of us.  Why?  You and I are not just connected.  We are not just similar.  We are not just alive.  We are Spirit made manifest.  We are the same.  We. Are.

Namaste, Friends, until next time.

(Just for fun, here's the trailer on YouTube.)

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