Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daily Tarot 30 Oct 2014

Today's tarot was a bit heavy feeling to me.  I'm learning quickly that 'masculine' cards carry a seriousness that I interpret as a heaviness.  There is also that warrior aspect that 'feels' dangerous that, somehow, adds to the heaviness.  And, on we go to the actual reading!!

Today the Moon entered Aquarius at 8:52am and will go into its second quarter at 9:48pm.

This reading feels slightly heavy, burdensome.

The Lord of Grails in reverse speaks of discontent, impatience, anxiety, and conflict, all of which I have had my share of in the preceding months.  I have gotten to the root of some of it, some of it, I haven't.  The Maiden of Water, coming in my emotional area, says that it is all going to be swept out to sea with the tide.  She says that one should always remember to play joyfully in the deep of the ocean, never being afraid of what lies below, in the blackness of the deep.  Of course, within my own mundane, the 6 of Swords in reverse speaks of willfully staying in a bad place.  Sometimes, we torture ourselves, sometimes it is for good, sometimes, it is masochism.  Which is it?

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