Monday, October 27, 2014

Daily Tarot Reading: 27 Oct. 2014

Today I am going to begin something new.  With the new moon, I put out some pretty potent magic dealing with self transformation, among other things.  So, this daily tarot blog is going to be something I do every day for a while (maybe even forever).  Admittedly, it is more for myself than for anyone else, however, I feel that I need to open myself up to others a little more.  This is the first step in my doing it. 

All of that said, the process and the purpose are below:

I own 3 different tarot decks.  I am using all three.  In each spread, I will pull one card from each deck.  The Tarot of the Vampyres represents my Spiritual Self for that day.  The As Above Deck  from the Book of Shadows Tarot represents my Emotional Self for that day. The So Below Deck from the Book of Shadows Tarot represents my Mundane Self for that day.  Together they will give me a picture of what I have in store for my day.  Together they will give me a glimpse into my day numerologically and astrologically speaking.  I will also be posting the moon phase, astrological sign, and musing over what happened and how it applies or doesn't for the day.   So, we shall begin!!

October 27, 2014: The Moon went Void of Course at 11:18am (Central Time) from Sagittarius and will be so until it enters Capricorn at 5:03am tomorrow.  Ceres enters Sagittarius at 5:06pm tonight.

Now, on to the actual tarot spread!!

Spiritual Self: The World (Reversed) *Card #21*
Emotional Self: The Summerlands (The Fool) (Reversed)*Card #0*
Mundane Self: 3 of Chalices (Reversed)

As we can see, today was certainly a day that things were not as they seemed!  Going into my day knowing that I needed to keep a wider perspective on things helped tremendously.  I acknowledged my missteps and mistakes.  I acknowledged my own emotions and accepted them without self-judgment.  All in all, it was a joyful and productive day.

The World Card reversed denotes a lack of connectedness, in this case, with my own spirituality.  I have lost something in the process.  Since The World, typically, is the culmination of the adventure of the Fool, seeing the Fool after the World in this spread, in my Emotional arena is interesting.  Reversed here, the Fool represents untapped potential and an unwillingness to emote in certain ways, or maybe it's my ability to emote in certain over-the-top ways.  Maybe it's both.  Then again, within my mundane, we see the 3 of Chalices reversed, which speaks of my own discontent, specifically at my job.  This discontent has less to do with my actual tasks and co-workers and more to do with the sheer amount of chaos and transition within the department itself. I know that it, too, shall pass. 

So, that's if for my first edition of Daily Tarot Readings!!  If you don't want to know, or don't care, or (my choice!!) want to see what I draw every day, please, let me know!!  If I know people are interested, I will be more likely to keep up with posting.

Blessings, Friends!

P.S.  I linked to the individual decks on Amazon on purpose, just in case you wanted to explore more about any of these decks.  Don't worry, I won't do it again!! ;-)

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