Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Daily Tarot Reading: 28 Oct 2014

Today's tarot reading, much like yesterday, was just about the things I am going to face as well as the things I am going to need and experience today.

The Moon entered Capricorn at 5:03am today.  Also, (just for fun) the Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins.

Today my Spiritual was 6 of Grails reversed, Emotional was 5 of Earth, and Mundane was Knave (Page) of Swords.  My initial impression was it was going to be another interesting day.  Obviously, I am uneasy (says the 6 of Grails), but I need to use my knowledge and wisdom (Knave of Swords) to keep hanging on (5 of Earth) for just a little while longer.  So, if I need to work through my own unease and be like the small stream of water that forged the Grand Canyon, I have to rely more upon the facts than any emotion that might come up.

It has been a good day for facts.  There was no time for emotion.  Where facts are concerned, I will always have a cheerful demeanor (because facts are sterile, in essence, and emotions and attachments aren't really needed).  It was another glorious day!!

I can certainly tell we have just come out of Mercury Retrograde!!

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